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  • Value oriented. Research driven. International investment management.

  • We invest in U.S. – the world’s leading economy.

  • We invest in China – the world’s leading growth economy.

  • We believe the price of a stock is ultimately determined by its intrinsic value.

  • Bridge the gap of cross-border investment in the world's two largest economies.



Welcome to Amerina International Capital Management

Amerina International Capital Management, LLC (Amerina Capital) is a value oriented, research driven investment management firm based in Dallas, Texas. We primarily invest in the publicly traded companies in the U.S. and the greater China region. As the leader of the developed economies, the U.S. has the highest concentration of the world’s leading companies and innovative enterprises. In China, the largest emerging market, numerous companies flourish in the midst of the unprecedented economic growth, and many have risen to the top of their industries by meeting the vast, rigid domestic demand. These two economies thus provide investors great opportunities to benefit from complementary investment strategies that balance risk and return.

The drastic differences in business environment, politics and culture across the two economies, however, pose serious challenges for cross-border investors to successfully navigate both capital markets. Not surprisingly, complaints are often heard from American (Chinese) investors that China (the U.S.) is still not fully understood. Amerina Capital is built to meet these challenges. With a strong local research team specializing in the U.S. market, we partner with a China-based investment firm, Fine Assets Investments Ltd. Our research collaboration with their highly-experienced local research team ensures investment decisions to be supported by rigorous research conducted by the home teams in the home markets. Therefore, it creates remarkable synergies that best facilitate the U.S.-China cross-border investment, and effectively support Amerina Capital’s goal to build diversified investment portfolios with low risk and high growth potential.

Amerina U.S. and China Select Portfolio

This portfolio comprises high-quality U.S. and Chinese equities, primarily U.S. blue chip companies, top Chinese companies with promising growth prospects, and innovative enterprises in both countries that have shown emerging business competitive advantages in their industries.

By taking advantage of the complementarities between the high growth in the emerging market and the relative low risk in the developed market, we seek to build a balanced and diversified portfolio of top companies in the world’s two largest economies..

Amerina Great China Growth  Portfolio

This portfolio focuses on enterprises registered and operating in the greater China region. It targets high-quality companies with substantial growth potentials.

China’s unprecedented economic growth and enormous domestic demand has created favorable market environment for numerous businesses and companies to thrive. Some of these companies become top players by catering to rigid demand and quickly adapting to market changes, which makes them unparalleled investment choices with high intrinsic value, considerable growth prospects, and low long-term investment risk..


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